SkinCeuticals offers a variety of clinically proven skin care products to effectively target blemish-prone or troubled skin and managing excessive oil production while destroying bacteria to clean deeply and speed healing.

At BodyBrite, we use SkinCeuticals integrated with our advanced technology to create effective treatment options… the result is healthier, more hydrated and clearer skin!

Specially formulated for men & women of any age, the SkinCeuticals Acne Treatment works to decongest, calm and soothe acne-prone skin.

Acne is a disease that affects the skin’s oil glands that produce an oily substance called sebum. The pores are connected to the glands by a canal called a follicle. The Blemish + Age Acne facial is specifically designed to target aging and acne-pronce skin, minimize excess sebum production and reduce acne causing bacteria.

Just $49* (reg. $99) this month, put the BodyBrite/SkinCeuticals partnership to work for you. This facial treatment includes our best skincare products customized to your skincare needs, the Vitamin C masque to detoxify and remove toxins and bacteria-fighting antioxidants to reduce your blemishes.

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